Saturday, May 15, 2010

Samsung SGH-I780 review

Charge ahead
With Windows Mobile ® 6 Professional, making the office no matter where you are located. Putting your best at the position at the first opportunity to get an email from a PDA Phone with instant more than 3.5 the G with the data connection.

exploring jungle
Anywhere where you work, you'll know the streets like the back your hand. I780 GPS facility makes reliable as the best route maps, guides you back on track when making mistakes.

set tabs of interest
Set pull tabs that interests with Podcasting and RSS reader. Tap on the second to keep abreast of global stock and events.

faster downloads with Wi-Fi connection
Download everything you need on the 3.6Mbps is more - if you use the Hot Spot Wi-Fi connection. With profits and kelebihanya, made to stay ahead of any competitor.

more reliable touch
Makes you have to do the preparation on an ever-changing world, i780 is built with different capabilities, a time when you should send a lot of email, QWERTY keyboard would be very helpful. At the time surf the Internet, easier to manage with your fingers or stylus. Same also with exploring the map on the GPS accuracy. 360 ° joystick it can help better regulate the screen when you are traveling.

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