Saturday, May 15, 2010

Samsung-F300 review

touch button

• View design showcase of fine music, complete with innovative touch keypad.
• Keys will light up when in use, disappear for featuring clean, simple shapes.
• design exudes the luxury factor - in form and function.

ukuran ringkas tipis

• Trunk-style, compact size of 103.5 x 44 x 9.4mm and weighing only 77 grams.
• super slim size easily inserted into a pocket or handbag - no bumps.
• Unique design resembles a sophisticated mobile phone or music player cool, depending on which side we see, that everywhere, this is the best product for both worlds.

ICEpower ® Technology by Bang & Olufsen ICEpower

• Technology digital amplification of the most sophisticated in the world, developed by ICEpower ® Technology by Bang & Olufsen ICEpower.
• Superior audio quality equivalent to Total Harmonic Distortion, professional audio systems: under 1%, S / N Radio:-80dB.
• Powersave and not too hot, but still create a strong voice and crystal clear.

micro SD

• Equipped with 128MB and an external memory.
• Individual capacities up to 2GB microSD.
• Unlimited storage capacity for music files and files of media.


• Bluetooth provides wireless connectivity and convenience.
• Easily transfer files fast and free-interference.
• Connect to a variety of wireless accessories and peripheral devices including headsets, speakers, etc..

ultra musik

• Generation of Ultra future of philosophy centered on the ideal balance between phone and music player is ideal.
• Providing luxurious experience for users who want to buy a package for the design and technology at the same time.

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