Sunday, December 5, 2010

SkyBee 73VE complete Multimedia

SkyBee 73VE
ONE more TV-phone variants enliven the local phone line. Competing in the price range of USD 400 thousand, SkyBee arrived with brand-new product SkyBee 73VE. Berbodi phone box with a variety of support multimedia facilities.

What time is offered SkyBee is not much different from the few series ever launch. However, one new thing, SkyBee 73VE monoblock design brings Qwerty packing with a hard plastic material and four-way D-pad for navigation buttons. For visual facilities, this phone puts color TFT screen with a capacity of 2 inches.

By design SkyBee 73VE impressed rigid box. However, the size is fairly ergonomic with dimensions of 99 x 53 x 13 mm, looks slim and thin. Just like most local phone, dual Sim Card security features are also embedded so that users need not carry a lot of phones to place a different number.

To access the Internet, SkyBee 73VE have better support with GPRS and EDGE class 12. Besides using a standard WAP browsers, also presents an alternative browser Opera Mini and UC via the Web. Antarponsel data connection and a PC can use bluetooth and data cable.

In order to accommodate the needs of users who are devoted to online and social networking service, SkyBee 73VE provides several applications that can be used. To monitor and share the status, available applications Facebook and Twitter. While created in the community who wants to chat online, the presence of Yahoo Messenger, Mig33, eBuddy, and MSN could be a nice facility.

Analog Tv
One of the security features included in this phone is analog TV. Create a bored due to stuck in traffic on the road or do not want to miss the episode's favorite soap opera, this facility could be a solution to give more practical, cheap entertainment. With this feature, so users can access the show where and at any time in mobile.

Other facilities that do not forget to embed the digital camera. With VGA capability, this feature can also be used to run other modes such as video recording. Can be used for those who want to add photos and personal video collections.

To monitor the latest information as well as hear the broadcasts of your favorite radio station, also attended the FM radio feature complete with recording facilities and big speakers mounted on rear body.

A total of 64MB of internal memory is provided to accommodate the need to accommodate the data. If the need is greater than the capacity provided, users can also add external memory capacity via microSD card up to 4GB.

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