Saturday, December 4, 2010

G-VON Rain 390 one touch music

FOR the umpteenth time the G-VON Mobile launches phone for the youth segment: Rain VON G-390 Series. In his new products featured multimedia features appear as the main entertainment. By laying the music button in the strategic region, is expected to attract users who want to try out an audio facility with instant access.

Music facilities stood out on G-390 VON Rain series. They got this impression when viewing the display front. In the form of bars measuring 57 x 110 x 12 mm, G-VON pinned two buttons MP3 and FM radio on the right and left, so for music lovers, the phone can be a fun means of entertainment karerna can enjoy favorite songs only by rolling the thumb into the corner and then press.

On the radio feature, G-390 Series Rain VON equipped internal antenna, so users do not have to bother plugging earphones for the radio to turn on. Meanwhile, to search for channels, this phone offers the option of manual and automatic search for who want practical. Not only that, the presence of dual speakers also make more optimal audio performance, because the sound output so it sounds more big and powerful.
In addition to audio facilities, a user who likes to narcissistic and stylish, accommodated via VGA resolution camera. Although classified as standard, but at least these facilities can still be used to simply just for fun. For those who want to switch option can also change the mode to the video player.

Stylish Qwerty
By design, G-390 Series is equipped VON Rain colorfull casing and the Qwerty keyboard for typing messages means. Bright colors chosen this time is a combination of red and black with a glossy plastic material. As for the keyboard, 390 Series comes with a large enough size and convex, making it easier for users when typing messages. In addition, for the navigation button, G-VON also still use the four-way D-pad and a button which is located in the middle of execution.

Like most local phone, Dual sim card also features still appear to accommodate two different numbers simultaneously. The ability to bring Internet access to G-390 Series Rain VON obtained via the GPRS and WAP browser type. As for transaction data with other mobile phones, G-VON membekalinya with Bluetooth.

Fans of online services to satisfy his hobby through chat and social networking applications are incorporated in the web features, such as eBuddy, Facebook, Twitter and Google services. For the capacity of storing data, other than through internal memory, the G-VON also supports additional external memory capacity with microSD up to 2GB.

A total of 250 names and contact fellow users can be stored in the phonebook of this phone. Looking to the top, apparently G-VON also pinned three of flash light or a flashlight that can be used as an emergency or when the lights off. Meanwhile, to support the phone to remain on, the G-VON utilize Li-Ion battery capacity 1000 mAh. With competitive price, G-VON Rain 390 Series sold in the range of USD 499 000

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