Friday, December 3, 2010

Nexian Speed NX-W701 Internet

Nexian Speed NX-W701 Internet
Nexian Speed NX-W701 Internet
Nexian re-innovating. Not by design, but this time Nexian try to bring more services to facilities for internet connection. Through new products Nexian Speed NX-W701, the vendor will guarantee comes with fast Internet speed.

It's quite interesting to see the concept in this phone, where Nexian trying to excel in the ranks of the local mobile phone with 3G connection gadang menggadang-qualified. Not to mention if you see a tag of the pegged pretty affordable, so that the phone is large enough to attract market interest.

By leveraging the availability of data access ciamik, Nexian Speed NX-W701 is also equipped with a myriad of applications and online chat. As for access to social networking, Nexian direct support services Facebook and Twitter. Suport of chat application is also done via the Yahoo Messenger application and Nexian Messenger to chat with fellow users realtime Nexian.

Qwerty keyboard for fast typing facilities and the form of bars is still favored to support the appearance. Color TFT screen area of 2 inches are also embedded for visual facilities. Who made who want to enjoy a variety of interesting content, can access it through a typical application Nexian Zone.

Berekan bundling with operator XL, Nexian Speed also comes with Dual Sim card facilities. With this tool, users can monitor the two numbers together in one device, so no need to bother removing the pair of cards or carry a lot of phones.

Multimedia Features
Create music lovers who want to enjoy the entertainment every day, Nexian Speed is also integrated with the NMC (Nexian Music Card) Player, the application and content services to enjoy music and play songs that are already available in the phone memory. To enjoy this service users will be charged a subscription fee.

Not only that, other audio facilities that can be enjoyed by users can also be obtained in multimedia devices such as FM radio, MP3 player, audio recorder and handsfree support for listening to music in a personal and more relaxed.

In other sectors, this phone is also equipped with dual cameras, so make a wish jeprat-snap camera can accommodate their activities through the back or make video calls using the front camera.

To accommodate music files, photos, and videos are typically large, Nexian Speed has more room for the addition of two external memory card slot. Medium for data transfer similar antarperangkat, Nexian Speed NX-W701 provides bluetooth facility.

Nexian not set a high price for this one product. With the price affordable, Nexian Speed released USD 799,000. Quite interesting when considering this phone is supported by recent data connection and a number double feature

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