Sunday, May 16, 2010

mobile phone vs PDA

The mobile phones are omnipresent today and completely transformed our way of communication. With outstanding progress in technology, these communication devices have become mini-computers as almost all the essential applications of a PC can be easily accessed on mobile phones. People have gone crazy over the latest PDA mobile phones as they encompass all the advanced features that make the phones a even more desirable gadget.

The PDA phones are Personal Digital Assistant phones and support all digital features. They have touchscreen which makes accessing the different applications a smooth process. People who are Internet-savvy will love these phones as applications like windows, Linux, Palm Os can be accessed on these handsets without any hassles. Not only, this phone has a fast connectivity and using the latest PDA handsets becomes a wonderful experience. MS-Office is also accessible and useful applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are ably supported by the PDA phones. Therefore, business related people will find it easy to connect with their work with the help of all these applications.

The latest PDA phones have a lot to offer to music buffs also. They provide music with utmost sound clarity and users can rejuvenate themselves while listening to songs with no disturbance at all. Not only, this with the help of high Internet speed, users can watch videos and entertain themselves. The videos are of high audio-video quality and can be downloaded from Internet easily.

Another, exciting features of the latest mobile PDA phones is the high resolution camera that enables users to click fabulous pictures with the devices. The picture quality is very high and users can click mesmerizing pictures with it. The phones also support video capturing facility and that too with great sound quality. These features can give even the most sophisticated camera a run for their money. People can play games on the phones and ensures that they don't have a single dull moment as the fabulous mobile games will keep them hooked to their phones.

Thus, the latest PDA mobile phones with their highly advanced features have captured the imagination of users and have attracted them to buy one for themselves.

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